Funny / My Little Pony: Camaraderie Is Supernatural

Episode 1 - Mockery In the Moon
  • The new version of the Story Book Opening.
    So, a long time ago, there were these two magic horses. Together, they controlled the cycle of day and night, ruling over the kingdom of Equestria. But the younger sister, who controlled the night, developed an inferiority complex because no one was ever awake during her half of the day, as this was long before the invention of night clubs and midnight Rocky Horror screenings. So she's all like "Screw this, I'm making it night all the time!" And her sister was like "Ha ha ha, no," and used a bunch of magic Mac Guffins to put her in time out for a thousand years. So the older one took full control, and all the little ponies worshiped her, for fear that they might get locked in something more degrading, like a coat hanger, or a half-eaten sandwich, or a bottle of that stuff you use to get rid of shower scum... The End.
    • "Wait, why was this written in my chemistry textbook?"
  • Apparently, the chemistry textbook Twilight was using advertised that it contained the formula for a horn extension potion. One wonders why Twilight would need something of the sort.
  • FORESHADOWING *bauuuuuuum*
  • "By the way, I'm keeping your wallet!"
  • The episode stopping briefly because the writer can't bring himself to make fun of Fluttershy.
  • Spike getting stoned off of... whatever it was Pinkie put in the cupcakes.

Episode 2 - The Elements of Parody
  • Slightly meta: Applejack speaks in an almost Brooklynite accent as the group enters the forest; Babs Seed has a similar accent. MOST SUBTLE FORESHADOWING POSSIBLE?
  • INTERMEDIATELY SUBTLE FORESHADOWING? Rainbow Dash sounds like Spike after she catches Twilight.
  • Mayor Mare announcing Celestia:
    Mayor Mare: And now, our ruthless dictat—I mean, beloved ruler!
  • The Abridged version of Pinkie Pie turning "Giggle at the Ghostly" into an anti-troll song.
  • The cliff scene:
    Applejack: Let go!
    Twilight: What do you take me for, an idiot?!
    Applejack: As tempting as it is to give the obvious answer, I need you to trust me! Let go, and you'll be safe.
    Twilight: Are you sure?
    Applejack: [in a ridiculous French accent] Sure as this is an authentic Southern accent!
    Twilight: ...I'm doomed, aren't I?
    Applejack: Just drop!
  • "Hasbro's gonna make a FORTUNE selling these as accessories!"

Episode 3 - Call of the Creepy
  • Whatever happened in Celestiajuana the night Apple Bloom got her Cutie Mark.
  • Apple Bloom's "Eighties training montage". Complete with Punch-Out!! and The Karate Kid Shout-Out.
  • "You can't hassle the customers like that! Who do you think we are, Capcom?!"
  • Pinkie mixing up her cupcakes recipe with a list of ingredients need to summon a Lovecraftian horror.
    "Oh well! You make sure not to make eye contact with it, I'm gonna go find a shotgun!"

  • Applejack's ridiculously slippery accent. The second episode alone has her speaking, at different times, in Brooklyn, French, Russian, and Australian accents.
  • In the 2012 April Fools episode, Pinkie running over Chris.