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Funny: My Little Castlevania
Just because it's kinda scary doesn't mean it can't be funny.

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  • Pinkie Pie introducing Aeon to the other Mane Five. In classic Pinkie fashion, she runs her mouth a mile a minute, explaining she'd met Aeon when they traveled through time to rescue herself.
  • Twilight Sparkle and the triplet Hospital directors. They're just... trippy.
  • Rainbow Dash's and Shatterstorm's bickering has become a little more light-hearted than when they were first introduced to the reader, leading to some great insult exchanges.
    Rainbow Dash: Whatsamatter, Shatters? Afraid your balls are gonna fall off?
    Shatterstorm: Hey, if it happened to you, it could happen to me. Can't blame a guy for being cautious.
  • Princess Luna shipping her sister with Julius Belmont. There's just something about that that's flat-out amusing.
  • Shatterstorm's reaction to Pinkie Pie.
  • Rainbow Dash Dream Sequence of herself and Shatterstorm giving into their passions for each other, "waking up" to find herself in bed with him. Her flustered state after waking up for real seems to be amusing most of the readers, judging by the comments.
  • Shatterstorm's response to finding where Rainbow Dash has been imprisoned, only to discover she's already escaped.
    "Would it kill you to be feminine for once and let me rescue you?"
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