Funny / My Gym Partner's a Monkey

  • "Two Tons of Fun" has the little gem of Mr. Hornbill wrestling Principal Pixiefrog... and losing.
  • "Don't Noc It Til You Try It": Windsor and Jake end up in a classroom full of owl students and an owl teacher. Windsor keeps explaining people whenever they say 'Who'. Jake facepalms when it gets ridiculous, and leaves Windsor with them when the teacher's only different word is a "What".
  • "Lyon of Scrimmage": Adam tries teaching Jake how to control his amazing throwing skills, but they keep breaking a man's glass house repeatedly until only his tub is left...and then topple that over too. With him in it. He reappears later doing exactly what he said with all the footballs he got; opening a ball shop.
  • Jake's bout of homicidal rage when he thinks Adam is usurping the limelight on his public access TV show.
    Jake: May I remind you that I AM THE STAR OF THIS SHOW!
  • In "Robo Frog 3000", when the robot faculty and students explode, Jake comments on how much the show has drifted away from its original concept.
    Jake: Remember when this show used to be about a human kid going to an all-animal school?
  • In "Chew on This", when the new highly-addictive cafeteria menu causes Jake to become too fat for the school to support his weight and he falls through the floor:
    Adam: Are you okay, Jake?
    Jake: Yes! The tremendous girth of my massive bottom broke my fall! (falls through another floor, sound of a splash is heard) It's okay, the pool broke my fall! (falls through another floor, sound of Pixiefrog groaning is heard) No worries, Principal Pixiefrog broke my fall!