Funny / My Family

  • Nick's explanation of what happened to his holiday money:
    Nick: I bought a hat.
    Ben: What?
    Nick: A big hat.
    Susan: Well, where is it?
    Nick: It blew off.
  • Susan and Ben often get into arguments, and Susan often withholds sex as a punishment. Ben tries this once, but doesn't have the will power to pull it off.
    Ben: Well, that's it! Were not having any sex tonight!
    Susan: Alright, fine.
    Ben: Nope, not gonna happen!
    Susan: Of course.
    Ben: Right!
    Ben: Do you want to have sex?
    Susan: No, I'm being punished.
    Ben: Oh come on!
  • The entire therapy session in "Shrink Rap". All of it.
    Susan: Do you want to talk about it?
    Therapist: Well, actually...(snaps fingers) You're good.
    Ben: And then we know what happened next, the caterpillar turned into a moth.
    Susan: Ben's gone off the deep end.
  • Nick's exorcism, complete with music.
  • Nick somehow tunes every key on the family piano to middle C.