Funny / Mummy: The Curse

  • The corebook uses this line to describe the Arisen's Resurrective Immortality:
    "They are harder to get rid of than a clingy ex, and twice as dangerous."
  • The description of the ritual used to reincarnate a mummy whose body has been destroyed gives us this Black Comedy gem:
    "If the roll fails, the Arisen becomes one of the despised Shuankhsen- So very sorry (as are, one presumes, the grieving families of everyone who was present for the ritual)."
  • The description for how Cultists can be used to fight. Enterprises hire bodyguards or security personnel, Conspiracies just pick up smuggled shotgun. And Tribes?
    "Well, the mummy just shouts "Slay them, my minions!" and then they chant "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!" in flawless Iremite Egyptian. All of a piece."
  • The description of the rules for the ritual of reincarnation include this:
    "If the Cult has the Ritualistic Trait, it gets a +1 Bonus equipment (Yes, all those dusty old headdresses and scepters are good for something.)"
  • One of the drawbacks available for your tomb? Having to share it with a ghost who is absolutely convinced it's his tomb. There is something hilarious in the absurdity of a thousand-years-old mummy having to debate with a ghost over whose home her tomb is.
  • The explanation for where Amkhata come from starts with this comment:
    "Fortunately, it's not "Well, son, when a jackal and a lion love one another very much...""
  • This quote starts the section of the book describing what Mummies have to say on Hunters:
    —Yancy Rand Jr., gunsmith (last words)