Funny / Mr. Young

  • Mr. Tater meets Dang's brother, who is married to a real duck, and is aparently expecting kids with her. Mr. Tater's face expression say's it all.
  • When Mr. Tater has a falling out with his mother, he decides to spend the night with Dang. Dang's reaction ? Standing at the front of the school yelling at the top of his lungs.
  • The climax of the Spring Break special, Adam tries to rescue Echo from being abducted by a criminal kingpin (who's no older then they are). Adam is backed up by Slab (in a bunny suit no less) and a giant chicken. The crime lord is backed up by a python, and a man about the same size of Slab. That's normal right ?
  • Alot of Mr. First impression.
    • Adam and Derby's elaborate distraction to steal the time machine from the scientests, includes a varity of disguises.
    • When Preston Pickles aquires Adam's time machine he decides to distribute it, but not exactly for it's intended purpose; accoreding to his sales pitch, the idea is to go 30 minutes back in time to remind yourself to make a pie.
    • In one of the alternate timelines, where Derby is a pop star, Ivy has a shirt with Derby's face on her chest area we get this line.
    Adam: That is one place I never thought I'd see Derby's face.
  • Slab and Ivy's horribly inacurate review of NineteenEightyFour, by imitating 80's culture.
  • In Mr. Switch Slab in Ivy's body kissing Echo in Derby's body.
    I know inside you're a girl, but its still kind of weird.
    • From that same episode, Dang in Adam's body.
  • In Mr. Dance when Derby and Ivy are at the dance, she only holds his hand with one of Dang's gloves. When she leaves, Derby still has the glove.
    I will never wash this hand again...although I probably should, I think Dang cleans the toilets with this.