Funny / Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

  • Jeff whistles loudly with his fingers in his mouth, startling Senators who are dozing or reading other materials.
    Jeff: That's all right. I just wanted to find out if you still had faces.
  • The pigeons!
  • Jeff looks around after all the other Senators walk out.
    Jeff: Oh, well Mr. President, we seem to be alone. I, I'm not complaining for a social reason; it's just, I think it'd be a pity if these gentlemen missed any of this, and... And, uh... I, I call the chair's attention to... to, uh... Rule 5 of the Standing Rules of the Senate, Section... Section 3. "If it shall be found that a quorum is not present, a majority of the Senators present" ...and that looks like me... uh, "may direct the Sergeant-at-Arms to request, and if necessary compel, the attendance of the absent Senators." Well, Mr. President, I so direct.
  • This exchange during the filibuster:
    Jeff: Either I'm dead right or I'm crazy!
    Senator Macpherson: You wouldn't care to put that to a vote, would you, Senator?
  • When Jeff first arrives in Washington, he leaves his escort for a dazzled sight-seeing tour. Meanwhile, Payne, Saunders, and everyone else is going nuts with worry and frustration. So, when Jeff finally makes his way into his office and nervously pokes his head in the door, Saunders's first reaction is to bark at him to beat it.
  • Smith is justifiably upset when the Paparazzi mock him in the papers, but you've gotta admit, "His First Whiff of Washington" is Actually Pretty Funny.
  • Poor adorkable Smith fidgeting with his hat when he is flustered to be talking to the attractive Susan Paine. The camera keeps focus squarely on the hat for the whole scene.
  • While Jeff and Saunders are riding in a cab, Jeff is still trying to pick out monuments:
    Jeff: "What's that? What's that?! house."