Funny / Mr. Bean

The majority of the show is absolutely filled with Funny Moments, which is why the show is so beloved. But here are some moments that stand out:
  • Mr. Bean at the pool. He tries sliding down a kiddie slide, but gets a whistle blown on him by a lifeguard, after which he makes a spectacular fool of himself scurrying back up. He then makes an even bigger fool of himself trying to jump off the high dive (to the mounting impatience of the two boys immediately behind him in the queue)... and tops himself still further when he loses his trunks upon landing in the water and a young child scoops them out with a snorkel just as the lifeguard blows his whistle and orders everyone out of the pool. He succeeds in hiding from the lifeguards until they leave... but not from the ladies' swim team for whose benefit the lifeguards cleared the pool.
  • His New Year's Eve party, in "Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean".
    • And the his method of repainting the room the morning after with one of his guests caught in the blast.
  • Near the ending of "Good Night, Mr. Bean" when he attempts to count sheep. He couldn't figure out how many sheep were in the picture, so he uses a calculator. The instant he gets the number, he nods and instantly falls asleep.
    • From the same episode, he attempts to get himself to sleep by watching a chess game on TV. After the end of the chess game, it spontaneously switches to a rock concert with loud music, startling and waking up Mr. Bean.
    • In that same scene, he shoots the lightbulb with a gun just to simply turn it off. Notice that he's also got dozens and dozens of spare bulbs in the same cabinet, implying that this is what he does every night.
  • Mr. Bean's take on the Nativity.
  • Playing the one-note synthesizer harmony from the Chariots of Fire theme at the 2012 Olympics.
  • Locking himself out of his hotel room nude. Rowan Atkinson is a brave, brave man.
  • In "The Best Bits of Mr. Bean", Mr. Bean sees a spider's web and wants to show "Mr. Spider" to Teddy. Teddy refuses to look, so Bean forces Teddy to look, resulting in Teddy jumping out of Mr. Bean's hands and through the trap door of the attic they are in.
  • Going to the movies with his girlfriend, bringing a big bucket of popcorn for himself and a tiny box for his date. He takes some out of hers, but when she tries to do the same he slaps her hand and yells "NO! These are mine!". As well as his general behaviour throughout the film. Has he never seen a horror movie before?
  • When Mr. Bean goes to church and tries to discreetly have a sweet. He drops it just as everyone stands for the hymns, during which Mr. Bean tries to pick up the sweet without drawing too much attention to himself. When he does, he starts cheering "Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" at the same time as the other church goers.
  • After putting his hands on a device that produces static electricity, Mr Bean winds up absorbing all the static and finds that everything he touches sticks to his skin. When a woman in a long skirt takes a sheet from his hand, he inadvertently sends all the electricity into her, causing her skirt to fly up.
  • Mr. Bean walks out of a changing room and realises that he's switched trousers with someone else. He tracks the person down in the men's room, reaches under the cubicle door and wrenches his trousers off the poor man. He also tosses the man's underpants down the toilet.
  • Mr. Bean entering Teddy in a pet show at a village fete, especially when he aces the obedience tests.
  • The ending sketch in "The Return of Mr. Bean", where Mr. Bean is in a line up to meet the Queen of England. Right as she appears, he has trouble zipping up his pants, and struggles as she slowly approaches him. At one point, he sticks his index finger through the zipper, looking like he's sticking his dick out. He somehow manages to get zipped just in time... and in the process of bowing to the Queen, accidentally headbutts her!