Funny / Mr. & Mrs. Smith

  • John vs. Jane inside their house. Mundane Utility Ensues.
  • John's chanting after he crawls up into the building to retrieve "The Tank": "Turn [the lights] back on! Turn'embackonturn'embackonturn'embackon!"... after having just insistently demanded she kill them.
  • Jane learning that John was married once before: "What's her name and social security number?" "No, you're not gonna kill her."
  • The entire scene in the van. "We're going to have to redo every conversation we've ever had." "...I'm Jewish."
  • The best part was when John said "I said - I said I saw your dad on Fantasy Island!!" And upset that Jane had hired paid actors to stand in as her parents during their wedding.
    • She was annoyed he forgot her pretend mother's birthday. His face makes it clear he thinks the whole pretend part should let him off the hook.
  • "Chicken shit!" "Pussy!" Screamed at each other from separate buildings.
  • John: "Honey, maybe you shouldn't undercut me in front of the hostage. It sends a mixed message." The Tank: (nods)
  • "Who ARE you people?!"
  • The part where John shot at Jane's windshield on accident. Her face was priceless.
    John: (As the car is driving off with him, and Jane is left in the road) We need to talk! *WHUMP!*
    • Beautifully capped by John's own reaction to her face: "Oh, Dear God..."
    • The best bit is that all of that was an accident. Pitt was supposed to do an Unnecessary Combat Roll through the fence, but slipped, then ad-libbed that he accidentally shot the car. Everyone loved it so much they wrote around it to Throw It In.
  • The dinner scene where John was feeling extremely paranoid about everything Jane served him. Especially when he finally forces himself to take a bite of his dinner, only for her to eat something entirely different.
  • Jane as a dominatrix. "Have you been selling big guns to bad people?"
  • Jane's next door neigbour notices she's still wearing her fishnet stockings and hooker boots under her nice dress.
  • During the last scenes they fight Jane starts throwing knives to kill some goons... And she accidentally hits one of John's leg. He then looks at her very annoyed, without a slight hint of pain, and even tells her "We're gonna talk about this later".
  • Meta - Ironic Name with Benjamin "The Tank" Danz. This guy in charge of a terrorist group is played by Adam Brody, a slim, medium-height man described as "Unapologetically nerdy" by Times magazine. It is lampshaded by both spouses when they first see his photo.