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Funny: Mother Goose and Grimm
  • One of the strips had Grimm sitting on a park bench next to a woman who says something along the lines of "You're a disgusting animal, and I would prefer you sit somewhere else." Grimm, who is wearing the same stupid expression in the first strip, carries it over to the second strip, while sitting on top of the woman, who is flailing to get him off.
  • A small example, but it always makes this troper smile:
    Mother Goose: Let's see what this dog training book says... to get your dog to heel, it just takes a little jerk on the leash.
    Grimmy: (with a stupid grin on his face) There, there, I think you're being too hard on yourself.
  • This exchange:
    Grimmy: Ralph, hand me your newspaper, this fly is bugging me.
    Grimmy: ...Not your online newspaper.
  • Mother Goose is out taking Grimmy for a walk, when they pass a sign that says "Dogs On Leash". In the next square, they come across another one that says "Dogs On Meds", and a bench containing to disturbing looking dogs.
  • This strip:
    Mother Goose: Look kids, a penny! (Bends down to pick it up) They say when you find a penny, you have good luck all day.
  • Grimmy: Trick-or-Treat.
    Old lady gives him some candy.
    Grimmy: Say, these candy bars are kind of teeny.
    Old Lady: Yes, they're the fun size.
    Grimmy: Maybe if you're a hobbit.
  • The Zombie Hothead video

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