Funny / Monsters vs. Aliens

  • The two guys at the observing station near the beginning going from utterly bored to utterly freaked-out on finding their equipment is picking up extraterrestrial energies. "We've got a Code Nimoy!"
  • Susan's first introduction to the monsters starts with Dr. Cockroach, arguably the most level headed of them at that point. She tries to squish him with a spoon, to which he responds with this.
    Dr. Cockroach: Whatever Mad Scientist made you, he REALLY went all out. (falls splat on his face)
  • The President doing "Axel F" on the keyboard.
    • The faces of the nearby soldiers during this sequence. They were all WHAT-THE-F*** ????? The President's bodyguards, on the other hand, are apparently quite accustomed.
      • They actually bob their heads to the beat.
  • Also, Dr. Cockroach and his PhD in dance?
  • A very sly one, when Link comments that the earth appears to have warmed up, stating that it is 'a convenient truth'.
  • We have another when Monger shows videos of the monsters at Area 52. After he says the name of one monster, the coffee lady screams in terror, every single time, to the point where Monger can't take it anymore and asks someone to get her the hell out. Then he finishes by introducing Ginormica, and we hear another female scream. It was the President.
  • Plus the guy in The War Room getting shot by a tranquilizer dart the second he mentions Area Fifty-''urrrgh!''
  • The scene on the the spaceship where B.O.B., upon receiving a gun and pretending to be part of the invading army, accidentally activates the gun and kills a goon- it's not so much what B.O.B. does but the expression on his face when it happens- you can almost hear him thinking oh look a dead goon, COOOOOOOOOL...
    • The line leading up to that moment. The delivery is just so absolutely perfect.
    Galaxhar Clone: Would you like a gun?
    BOB: Yes, I would.
  • The near-subversion of the Paper-Thin Disguise. See below.
  • Susan's almost-mother-in-law and her genetically-inherited maimed thumb. Particularly when she's trying to open the church door: "THHUUUUUMMBS!!"
  • The scene where Susan tells B.O.B. to get the people off the bridge. Cue B.O.B. grabbing the nearest car so he can chuck it off the bridge. Susan thankfully corrects him.
  • The President pausing to fire at the giant robot with a pistol, when heavy artillery has been completely useless
    President: Eat lead, alien robot!
    * unloads a full clip*
    ...evidently they eat lead. Huh. (gets dragged off by the Secret Service) You all saw that, I'm brave! I am a brave president!
  • When the President arrives at the robot's crash site:
    President: I must approach it alone. This is all about peaceful communication.
  • BOB dumping a thoroughly confused Derek. Especially the taunting with the jello mold.
  • Gallaxhar's recounting of his origin, and the destruction of his planet. As it's told while he's going through the cloning machine, it cuts him off every few seconds. And because he doesn't seem to realize this, we're treated to a few random details that are downright hilarious, starting with a horrible secret from his parents, encountering a giant (blank) after leaving home, shortly thereafter being married to someone, and then having marital trouble. By that point, he's decided that Susan knows too much, completely missing the look of utter confusion on her face.
    Gallaxhar: And I was all "no way", and she was all "yes way", and I was all- *slam*
  • The Insectosaurus rocking it out at the party.
  • The Shout-Out to Leeroy Jenkins in a deleted scene.
  • The game presents an adaption of the scene where Gallaxhar addresses the inhabitants of Earth. However, unlike the movie, here he localizes his message. Very very badly.
  • This bit:
    Dr. Cockroach We all think you're the cat's me-wow, hehehe...(nobody responds, his antennas droop)...I'm sorry.
  • Missing Link: I'm gonna turn that oversized tin can into a...really...DENTED oversized tin can...
  • Susan "falling" from a Literal Cliffhanger.
  • This scene:
    B.O.B.: No, no, your monster name! You know, when people see you coming down the street? "Oh, look out, there's—?" *looks expectantly at Susan*
    Susan: *flatly* Susan.
    B.O.B. *awkward pause* Suuuuuuusaaaaan! Ooh, I just scared myself!
  • "We need our top scientific minds on this. Get India on the phone."
  • During the fight with the giant robot, Susan's enormous size and strength makes her invaluable for engaging the robot, and protecting the innocent bystanders on the Golden Gate Bridge. The rest of the monsters just look on in awe, as she struggles to multitask fighting a large threat and saving lives.
    Susan: [Struggles to fend off a giant robot hand, maintain her footing on the crumbling bridge, and keep bystanders from falling off]
    B.O.B.: Wow... You're doing great!
    Susan: I'm doing EVERYTHING!