Funny / Monster World IV

  • At the beginning of the game, when Asha is leaving her village, every person gives her a heartfelt goodbye, telling her to stay safe and that they will miss her. Except the last one, who just says "We all hate you." Talk to her again and she'll admit that was a joke.
  • Rapadagna Queen starts to become increasingly corrupted as you progress, to the point she treats both you and her guards very rudely. One of the Palace Guards will eventually wonder to Asha if is it because "its already that time of the month".
  • When Asha rushes to face the Queen after the evil Pepelogos reveal themselves and it becomes clear she is corrupted, the last one of the Warlocks appears to face her, complete with an introduction. We dont know what Asha tells him but the guy instantly realizes she is not heading to attack him and goes "OK nevermind forget what i said".
  • One mixed with Heartwarming: After Asha manages to save the queen and save Rapadagna, she goes to the castle and talks with one of the guards, who as always says "We commend your efforts." But then adds "Isnt it silly how people like us always say the same things in these kind of games? Hahahaha. Seriously though, we welcome you from the bottom of our hearts."
  • The Palace Chef pretends to be brainwashed even after Asha managed to drive away the dark Pepelogos: "On today´s menu, we offer fried Asha! Just kidding of course."