Funny / Monster Allergy

  • When Elena can finally see monsters in "The Devourer", she goes to the Digesting Plant and for the first time of seeing it, she exclaims "You're beautiful!"
  • Elena's Genre Savvy about the Ancient Armory:
    Elena: (while waving an arrow) I got an idea. I saw this in a movie once.
    Zick: Isn't that kinda dangerous?
    Elena: That's why I'm trying to find out.
    • And also when being chased by a boulder:
    Elena: Did I mention I saw that in a movie too?
  • Drunk Jeremy.
  • Issue 16:
    Zick: Uhnnnn...
    Lay: What's up with you?
    Zick: I felt something... A terrible sense of danger!
    *everyone turns on Puffy*
    Zick: No! It wasn't Puffy...