Funny / Monochrome Factor

  • A number of the pre-opening-theme "recaps" of the previous episode, all of which were heavily exaggerated and only tangentially related to what actually happened. One of them even involved a space battle.
  • During Kou's introduction in the anime, he flirts with an adorably befuddled Haruka, only to be stopped short by the boy's elderly butler. Kou then proceeds to hit on the butler—as a joke. The butler, much to Kou's horror, reciprocates. The butler was joking too.
  • Shirogane's "math lesson" during the first Naze Naze Neeze. Granted, uh, that could probably also count as Nightmare Fuel.
    "First, you have 23 kokuchi. You take 15 from the 23... and kill them."
  • In episode three, when Kengo comes in to purify his sister by using salt, Akira, upon hearing what it does, grabs a handful and throws it on Shirogane. Shirogane's reaction is to whine and say he's not an evil spirit.
    • Another one from episode three, but earlier: Shirogane, after a comment from Akira about how he can drink alcohol, asks him how old he think he looks. After a pause:
    Akira: Forty-two years old.
    Shirogane chokes on his drink.
  • At the start of the second episode, Akira wonders if what happened last night was a dream...and rolls over to face Shirogane. In his bed. Cue distant reaction shot.
  • Any time flustered!Akira shows up in the anime. Both funny and cute.