Funny / Monkey Business

  • The Maurice Chevalier imitations.
    • Especially Harpo's.
      • And the guard's growing frustration with the routine. "Chevalier, eh!?"
    • Zeppo's attempt gets funnier if you pay attention to the lyrics. He flubs the chorus by singing "better than you do" instead of the proper "sweeter than they do".
  • Harpo saunters up to the passport desk, walking on the counter, then when there, immediately tosses their papers everywhere with demented glee.
  • Harpo hiding in the puppet show.
  • "I said one of [the stowaways] goes around with a black mustache!" "Well, you couldn't expect a mustache to go around by itself! Don't you think a mustache ever gets lonely, Captain?"
  • "Are these your gloves? I found them in your case... And here's your gloves. You would take 'em, wouldn't you?"
  • While being chased around the ship, the Brothers come upon a bunch of discarded musical instruments and immediately launch into a hilariously discordant jam session for a few seconds before running off again.
  • Groucho's blow-by-blow "announcing" of the fight at the end.
    "Both boys are fiddling in the ring, and I don't think much of the tune. Briggs is bobbing and weaving. It's nice work if you can get it. Now, they're trying. Very trying. I copped that one from an almanac."