Funny: Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team

  • Shiro Amada gets stranded in the jungle on his first mission on Earth, and is accidentally left behind by his team. After a night of struggling through the swampy terrain, the next morning he comes across a cute redheaded girl (Kiki) skinny-dipping nearby. Shiro's reaction is to kick back and enjoy the show, commenting thus:
    • And then Kiki is distracted from her relaxing swim when she hears a communicator chirping, complete with a quick cut to Shiro desperately trying to shut the thing off. Kiki calmly swims over to the far bank and produces a handgun which she unloads in Shiro's direction to chase him off.
  • The end credits of the show is a Leave the Camera Running shot of Shiro relaxing and reading a book, while various characters get up to various hijinks both in the background and in the foreground before Shiro finally realises he's being filmed and chucks his book at the camera.
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