Funny / Mitchell

  • A slightly more intentional CMOF lies in Benton's interactions with Cummings about mid-way into the film: "You're a lousy/god-damn awful butler!" Especially odd as said "Benton" can be assumed to double as a full-on cop-beating henchman.
    • Even better is the way Benton argues back like a petulant kid.
    • In the TV cut (the one shown on Mystery Science Theater 3000) where Benton's tone is more arrogant and haughty, this is probably why the misties are reminded of The Servant by Harold Pinter.
  • When Mitchell first arrests Greta for pot.
    Greta: He sleeps with me then he arrests me.
    Mitchell: She asked me to.
    Cop: What? Sleep with her or arrest her?
    Mitchell: Both.