Funny: Mitchell

  • Joel and the 'Bots reaction to the baby oil on Mitchell's nightstand.
    Crow: Oh my, my, my, my GOD!!!
  • "Joe Don Baker IS 'Mittens'!" When you can get that good of a CMOF in the opening credits, you know you're in for a treat.
  • Just about everything Joel and the bots say is a CMOF, this MST3K is award winning.
  • A slightly more intentional CMOF lies in Benton's interactions with Cummings about mid-way into the film: "You're a lousy/god-damn awful butler!" Especially odd as said "Benton" can be assumed to double as a full-on cop-beating henchman.
    • Even better is the way Benton argues back like a petulant kid.
  • Everything in the initial sequence, from Johnny Mathis invading Deaney's den to the line about "Oh there is? I just thought there was a big slob walking around my house."
  • When Mitchell first arrests Greta for pot.
    Greta: He sleeps with me then he arrests me.
    Mitchell: She asked me to.
    Cop: What? Sleep with her or arrest her?
    Mitchell: Both.
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