Funny / Mirror's Edge

  • In one of the levels, there is a part where if you so desire, you can kick a Mook off a scaffolding and watch him tumble down. You can do whatever, high jump kick, low sweep, low blow. If you go for a high jump kick and he moves, you'll go flying off instead.
  • There are multiple locations, especially in chapters 6 and 8, where you can knock pursuit cops off buildings. Particularly hilarious, if a pursuit cop is standing with his back to the edge of a building, he may still do a backflip, thereby killing himself.
  • Dying repeatedly can get pretty funny after a while, at least for some players.
    • Oftentimes if you die in the middle of something intense, Faith's heavy breathing will carry on past when she dies by accident, making it sound like even she can't help but let out a sigh at suffering Yet Another Stupid Death.
  • (after Faith jumps off of a crane, onto the load of another crane, onto a crash pad) "Goddammit girl! Did you just do what I think you did? I just spilled my Joe all over the keyboard!"