Funny / Mirror, Mirror

The TV Series

  • Royce's reaction the first time he sees Jo use the Mirror.
  • Joshua's reaction when seeing Jo's rather... anachronistic footwear.
    Joshua: Extraordinary.

The Film

  • The entire snark-heavy intro.
  • Alcott: [Love Potion-drugged] You don't understand! I yearn for the nectar of her skin!
    • The line becomes much funnier when mocked by Snow and the Dwarves later.
    • Not to mention the various ways the Dwarves try to break the spell, ranging from Butcher punching him in the face repeatedly to Chuckles tickling him to Half-Pint boxing his ears with paddles.
  • The Queen's horrific beauty treatments.
    Queen: [Covered in all manner of muck] I can feel you smiling.
  • The entire puppy love scene.
    Prince: [Whines sadly at the pillow she threw out the window]
    Queen: [Clearly gleeful] Go get it! Go get it!
  • "There are pros and cons to this."
  • "Love is someone passing the potatoes."
  • Any or all of Brighton's scenes.
  • "What is it with this kingdom?!"
  • "We really have to stop meeting like this."
  • The Prince and Snow's duel is a running Moment Of Funny combined with Moment of Awesome. The banter is great, as is the point where the Prince blocks one of her blows behind his back, without even looking.