Funny / Mini Ninjas

  • Hiro utterly failing to walk down four steps in his intro. The music helped by warping as he fell onto his back.
  • In the second level, the Samurai burned down the only bridge that connects the Jadestone Forest with the village. Before any of them could cross.
    • In the same level later on. A Samurai Commander with some Samurai Spearmen is trying to force a bear into a cage. When one of the Spearman talks to his commander, the bear swings at the spearman, turning him back into an animal.
    • The scene where you see Suzume in a cage. As three Mooks try to push her cage into a cart, the one on the cart loses his grip, causing the cage to slide onto the guy in charge of pushing the cage onto the cart, crushing him. The commander went into a tangent in Japanese at the sight of the failure.
  • Sneaking while possessing a bear. You are just laying close the ground, with your rear in the air. How the samurai fail to see you coming is amazing.
    • Futo isn't much better; he's bigger than the bear.
  • Sometimes, the generals (rarely the Mooks) run off in mid-battle, and it can be hilarious how much ground they cover when you try to look for them.
    • Even when they're facing you, the generals' knees knock together constantly.