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Funny: Minecraft

Fireplaces in wooden buildings

While rule 1 and 2 in Minecraft are that you shouldn't respectively dig straight down or straight up, rule 3 is about not making fireplaces when there's a lot of wood nearby. Here's why:

  • This YouTube Video, where a user tries to explain how to make a fireplace and inadvertently burns down his whole house.
    Narrator: Uh oh.
  • And yet another victim.
  • That's funny too.
  • And here. Closed captions add to the hilarity, as does the fact that his friend told him to burn down the house.
  • This person thought he was prepared in case of a fire. He wasn't quite enough.
  • This person made a tower of cloth catch on fire... while he was inside it.
    JohtoKen: "Uhhhh...this tower-burning experiment did not end well. That is all." (respawns) "And everything's back to normal; it never happened. Bye bye."
  • Parodied here.
  • The Biggest Minecraft Fail Ever, which starts when a user wants to make lava towers near his wooden house. Things escalate quickly.
  • An episode of MMAPGaming features the host installing a lava pit in his house for disposing of unwanted items. He tears out his wood walls and replaces them with cobblestone so he won't burn his house down, then adds a low ceiling above the pit so he doesn't accidentally wander into it. The material he uses for the ceiling... is wood, because it looks nice with the rest of the house. The episode ends with him nearly losing his voice when the inevitable happens.
  • BdoubleO wonders if his fireplace is safe... but lights it anyways. The inevitable occurs.
  • While all of these examples are accidental, there are some people who just... like the risk. Two guys decided to buy a wooden house above a surface lava lake, just to see how long it would last before burning down completely. Cue a lot of putting down fires and repairing holes.

Pranks and traps

  • This prank. One person complains how mining a gold block disconnects him, tricking a server admin straight into a trap.
    • Ban reason: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • In this video, a pseudo-Dynamite Candle prank is pulled on a player.
  • A little trap was set on these two adventurers. (oddly, the URL of the video refers to this very wiki, albeit subtly (watch?v=TRv7opeS7FM))
  • One player rigged an entire house with hidden TNT, then invites his friend to join the server and check out the house. One guess as to what happens.
    Victim: ...Why are you standing over there?
    Pranker: I'm... I'm looking for food.
  • One guy, in revenge for having his mine flooded, sets up a trap where two people got trapped inside a prison, and the only way out was jumping off. Need we mention that this prison is about 9000 feet in the air?
  • The 1.4 update for the official release gives us Invisbility Potions. Let the trolling commence, I say!
  • The absolutely epic Troll Mojang pulled off with the April Fools Day prank; Minecraft 2.0, featuring sensitive chickens that don't like being looked at, Redstone Bugs(literal ones, not glitches), and a stab at the people who want realism in the game via torches not lasting forever. A friendly pink Wither was included that invoked Tastes Like Diabetes and farm animals could be fed until they exploded, getting fatter and fatter as you went on. Sadly, the page containing the download was taken down on April 2nd.
  • This poor player has a lot of trouble with creepers. It doesn't help that his friends like to disguise themselves as creepers to shock and traumatize him, and just when he thinks he's figured out which is which...
  • These SMP players tried to grief a griefer by encasing his house in a glass sphere and filling it with lava. Then it began to leak, and what results could be a scene from a typical disaster movie.
    "We've created the Sun."


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