Funny / Mighty Mouse

The New Adventures

  • "The Ice Goose Cometh"
  • "Mighty's Wedlock Whimsy"
    • After Mighty's bachelor party, the Terrytoon characters he invited falling down to the earth from his apartment, apparently forgetting it's located on a cloud.
    Mighty: I told you to watch that first step.
    • Mighty's Imagine Spot of what his marriage life might be like, which is a Honeymooners parody (featuring The Cow as "Morton").
    • The ending, where just as Mighty is about to get married, it suddenly cuts to a live-action clip of an animator having a Creator Breakdown because he just can't have him married.
  • "Mighty's Tone Poem" has Mighty Mouse, Pearl and four of the show's bad guys giving season one episodes the MST3K treatment.