Funny / Mighty Max

  • From the first episode, when Max meets Skullmaster for the first time:
    Max: Great! Then we can be friends? Shake?
    (Skullmaster offers a demonic-looking hand with an evil grin)
    Max: Whoa, whoa, whoa, on second thought...
    • Also from the first episode, Homer Simpson's dialogue when battling a lava monster.
  • "The Cyberskull Virus" sees Norman and Virgil getting sucked into a video game. Norman eating french fries and smelling roses (AKA power-ups) is amusing enough, but seeing Virgil try to play it is amusing, as he's completely out of his element. It's like watching Einstein trying to play Call of Duty. Even better is the implication that Virgil actually starts to enjoy it (ironic, as he earlier called video games childish).
    Virgil: Wait! I was just achieving proficiency!
  • Pretty much every time Ernie hams it up in "The Brain Suckers Cometh". It helps that he was played by Charlie Adler.
  • Norman mentions in "Let Sleeping Dragons Lie" that they wrote a song about the last time he bested the Doom Dragon. Max jokingly asks if that song was "Puff the Magic Dragon", earning him a Death Glare from Norman.
  • At the end of "Dawn of the Conqueror", the Conqueror is happy to have been defeated by Norman because he's now free to join humanity. Unfortunately, everyone who sees him runs in fear.
    Conqueror: Do not run! Do not run or I will smash you!
  • This exchange between Norman and Virgil in "Sirius Trouble", as part of their argument on who was at fault during the incident at Rangoon.
    Norman: You mother hen!