Funny / Midnight Run

  • Charles Grodin's performance throughout is awesome (it helped to get him out of a mid-career slump — he'd been doing things like The Great Muppet Caper) but a Crowning Moment is the kindly, slightly pedantic way that he corrects Jack's ex-wife's son when they meet:
    Kid: You don't look much like a criminal.
    Mardukas: I'm a white-collar criminal.
  • Agent Moseley's increasing levels of pissed-offness every time he finds out that Jack has once more passed himself off as Agent Moseley.
    Train conductor: [referring to Jack] His real name was Moseley.
    Moseley: [Suddenly snapping] I'M MOSELEY!
  • "Eddie, I swear to God, don't fuckin' start with me right now, or I swear to God I'll shoot him in the head and dump him in a fuckin' swamp!" [Mardukas looks anxious; Walsh reassuringly shakes his head]
  • The Running Gag with the sunglasses. In L.A., when Moseley and his underlings first meet Jack it's by snatching him off the street and trying to intimidate him in the back seat of their car. He looks at each of them then puts on his sunglasses to fit in. Moseley snatches them off Jack's face, then absently tosses them back when they leave. When Moseley and the FBI catch up with Jack and Mardukas in Chicago, Moseley taps Jack on the shoulder and asks "Remember me?" before putting on his sunglasses. Jack's response? "Agent Foster Grant!" After Jack gives the FBI the slip, he leaves his sunglasses perched on the steering wheel of their getaway car, telling a confused Mardukas that it's "an inside joke between me and Alonzo." Then in Arizona after everything looks lost for Jack he sits at the counter of a roadside diner to have a cup of coffee... and his sunglasses come sliding to him. He looks up to see Moseley and two dozen local cops surrounding him. Jack smiles, puts on the sunglasses and says, "Gee! I've been looking all over for these. Thanks, Alonzo!"