Funny: Michiko to Hatchin

  • In the beginning of episode 3, Michiko is sitting with a fortune teller when Hatchin suddenly walks in. Michiko pats her lap signaling for Hatchin to sit down since there are no more empty seats available; Hatchin seems extremely offended at the thought of sitting on Michiko's lap, although she never exactly says why (most likely either she does not want to be treated like a child or is not comfortable enough at that point in their relationship to accept such a gesture).
  • From Episode 4, "Stray Cat Milky Way," when she and Michiko visit PepÍ Lima for a possible lead on Hiroshi, Hatchin ends up getting completely plastered on orange juice.
  • Episode 6 bullfights.
  • Random lesbian kissing in episode 16. Made especially funny by Hatchin's reaction.