Funny: Miami Vice

  • Crockett throwing beer from a glass to a dancing informant's shoes after the informant had declared that his feet are on fire

  • Zito, after Rodriguez asks him and Switek to take part in a burglary sting operation that required two seedy looking guys
    Zito: Sure lieutenant. *To Switek* So who are the seedy looking guys?

  • Tubbs and Crockett concocting a plan to force New York drug dealers to accept the package from them
    Crockett: If the dealers fail to deliver...
    Tubbs: Then the Revillas' clients start to shiver
    Crockett: You're a real poet, Rico
    Tubbs: And my momma knows it

  • Crockett's pet alligator Elvis' antics early in the first season
  • Crockett and Tubbs are trying to buy Stinger rocket launchers from a seedy arms dealer (Jeff Fahey!). When Crockett complains that the rockets are too old, Fahey grabs one, aims for Crockett's Ferrari, and BOOM.
    Tubbs: Sold!
    Crockett: (gapes in shock)
    • Relax, they blew up a mocked-up Corvette instead.