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Funny: Metroid Zero Mission
  • There's only one joke in the entire game, but it's hilarious: A Space Pirate goes Leeroy Jenkins on the starfighter Samus is piloting. This goes just as well as you'd expect.
    RiffTrax: I will succeed where others have failed! ...aaaaaaa!!!
  • Fighting Ridley by standing underneath him is both terrifying and hilarious. You'll have no idea how he still hasn't killed you yet.
  • Get the Super Missiles ahead of time, and it's possible to kill Kraid in just four shots and two seconds. Hello Kraid. Goodbye Kraid.
  • There's a robot blocking a hallway in the Pirate Mothership that walks really slowly. REALLY slowwlllyyyy. So how do you get him to speed up when you're in a hurry? Simple, shoot missiles at him. He instantly quickens his pace. Yet if you drop a Power Bomb... he barely reacts.
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