Funny: Metal Slug

  • The sheer silliness of the animations, machines and situations is bound to make one smile...which you should enjoy while it lasts.
  • The good ending of Metal Slug 4, in which the team has a feast and eats themselves to fattiness.
  • The ending of the second game, when the table Morden is strapped to falls over, with Morden still on it.
  • Riding one of the animal Slugs.
  • The Samurai/Japanese Soldiers in Metal Slug 3. Due to running out of resources, they have to improvise. Among the things they use are a tank carried by two Japanese soldiers and aircraft that "fly" via a rope and pulley system.
  • A common group of enemies in the series is a group of helicopters who fly in sync to follow the leader (the red copter). Destroying the leader copter first will cause the rest to explode all by themselves just to follow the leader.
  • Hard to pull off, but if timed right, you can make the surrendering Abul Abbas explode (X only).
  • Whenever you die, whatever soldiers are around will point and laugh...only to scream and bolt the hell out of there when you respawn.