Funny: Metal Arms: Glitch in the System

The game in general definitely goes for over-the-top humor.
  • One notable quirk is that the robots not only swear like sailors, but bleep themselves, too (and then even with a sloppy job so you can still tell what they're saying!) For example, chasing Vlax:
    Vlax: You'll never catch me you rust-busting rejects! Nyahaha!
    Krunk: We gotta keep after that rusty-nutted fBLEEPkpile! Everyone out!
    Glitch: I can move faster on foot without you guys! Take the RAT around the far side of the chasm, and try and head him off at the pass.
    Krunk: "Head him off at the pass"? Who the hell says that? Is he some kinda fBLEEPking cowboy? You better be right about this screwboy, because if you don't stop Vlax, I will personally weld your exhaust pipe to your ball bearing!"
  • The Ripper is a gun that fires small, spinning sawblades. While it doesn't do much damage head-on, it does have a chance to hack through a Mil's limbs and joints. This can be the subject of much hilarity when a few lucky shots can send even a mighty Titan Mil to stumble around firing wildly into the air as one of their legs dangles uselessly from their hip joints.
  • At the beginning of Mission 16, when Krunk unleashes some insane Mil prisoners in the lab: