Funny / Merv Griffin's Crosswords

  • October 7, 2007: Two, within minutes of each other.
    Clue: Letters of discharge _ N _
    Contestant: Banana, B-A-N-A... Oh. (buzz-buzz)
    (the answer was TNT)
    Clue: A bad thing to have thrown at you _ _ O _
    Spoiler: Poop, P-O-O-P. (buzz-buzz)
    (the answer was BOOK, which would also be a bad thing to have thrown at you)
    • The reaction of the opponent to his left says it all.
  • Another thing that apparently happened;
    Clue: Four-legged Monopoly creature - _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Contestant: Dog, D-O-G-S-S-S-S
    (the answer was TERRIER)