Funny / Melty Blood

Melty Blood goes back and forth in the Sliding Scale Of Silliness Vs Seriousness, making a great work providing a balance between the darkness and violence of Tsukihime, and the sheer goofiness of Carnival Phantasm. Thanks to this, it manages to provide some priceless instances:

  • In Act Cadenza it is possible to assemble teams of two characters for the Tag and Team modes. Each team will have a distinctive name, and you can finds some gems like these:
  • Several of the winquotes are worth a chuckle or two:
    • In Actress Again, in her winquote against Akiha, Sion comments that she's a little worried because the rent for the basement room was a little too high, but then, she is revealed that Akiha was actually leasing it to her for free! Sion then concludes that Kohaku (Of all people) must be "behind this".
    • And speaking of Sion, looks like even she is not immune to the so-called "Tohno Gland"; in her Act Cadenza winquote against Shiki, she remarks that she had to fight because Shiki distracted her from her calculations; but it wasn't his "Mystic Eyes of Death Perception", it was just... him.
    • And then there's the winquote of Hisui & Kohaku against Akiha: Hisui starts apologizing to Akiha, but then comments that, due to them being on a strike campaign, they resorted to use force. Even Kohaku is impressed:
    Kohaku: Oh, Hisui-chan. You really had no mercy!
    • The resident Stoic badass Kouma Kishima, of all people, asking Kohaku to stop calling him "bocchan".
    • Apparently Kohaku is Too Spicy For Yog Sothoth; In his winquote against Kohaku, Nrvnqsr Chaos, the embodiment of chaos himself, remarks that he will spare her life because his beasts are having troubles dealing with her... now that's really significative.
    • And looks like Satsuki has shades of Covert Pervert: in her winquote against Shiki, she notices that he's unconscious, and nobody's watching, so, she decides to take "A little liberty"...
    • On defeating Nanaya, Miyako comments on how scary the experience was, because that version of Brother Shiki was wild, although cool.
    • Maybe a little Foreshadowing, but in one of her generic winquotes, Kohaku remarks that she will keep training to control... er... protect Shiki, Akiha and the Tohno Mansion.
    • In her winquote against Len, Arcueid compliments her for the effort she put during the fight, and admits that she underestimates her, but then she's revealed that Len was trying to act like her; Arcueid then comments that it's strange, because she's usually not that violent. note 
    • On defeating Neko-Arc, Sion gives her just one warning: To stop calling her "Egyptian kneesocks".
    • Ryougi Shiki's win quote against Neko-Arc has her demanding the anthropomorphic cat to hand over her phone after wondering aloud why she has "that guy's" number. Said guy is heavily implied to be Mikiya, her love interest in her series.
      • Her win quote over Aoko is also just as hilarious since, to her surprise, Aoko wasn't at all what she was expecting her to be, given that her only source of information about her is from Aoko's own sister, Touko, and we know just how much Touko ''loves'' her younger sister.
    • Riesbyfe, in one of her generic winquotes, states that she can put a force of five tons in her punches... but then she decides that's it's too excessive, and reduces it to two tons, either way, it's impressive.
  • Hisui & Kohaku in general: Thanks to the Tatari, they were given comedic, yet interesting, fighting styles that involve using a vast array of items of tools tied to their chores at the mansion; adding a little Fridge Logic, their fighting styles are actually switched around in regards to their normal chores: Hisui fights with cooking tools despite the fact that she's not exactly a good cook, but she does a great work cleaning; and Kohaku uses a broom in battle, despite the fact that she's a little clumsy for cleaning, but her cooking is excellent.

    Although, adding a little Fridge Brilliance, Kohaku can also throw plants in battle, which is related to her gardening, and Hisui can attack with a duster and a bucket of water, which is related to her cleaning.
  • As a matter of fact, Kohaku is a good source for such funny moments due to how Crazy Awesome she is: in one instance, she admits that she's responsible for several glitches and screw-ups in versions before Act Cadenza, she even admits to be responsible for things such as Sion's infinite Combos, or White Len's Tsundere personality. And let's not start with Mech Hisui, her Magical Amber persona, or the giant version of Neko Arc Chaos.
  • Anything involving the Neko arcs, specially when Neko Arc is paired with Mech-Hisui.
  • Sion facepalming at the beginning of each duel? priceless...
  • School Uniform Akiha's ending in Actress Again: After defeating the final opponents Neko-Arc and White Len, it is revealed that Akiha was in a sleepover in a friend's house, attempting to tell a scary story about cats, and how much she dislikes them. Naturally, despite Akiha's insistance on it being a scary story, her friends find it funny, and even cute.
  • Nrvnqsr reacts with disbelief before fighting Neko Arc Chaos.
  • Some of the characters' move names are hilarious, special mention goes to Shiki's "Even I'm Not Sure What This Is Kick".