Funny / Mega Man X

Despite being a Darker and Edgier offshoot, there are still some good funny moments in the Mega Man X series.

  • There are a lot of enemies that are based off of animals, including the Mavericks (read: Robot Masters). It can often get to riduculous levels. One of the biggest examples is Sting Chameleon's stage in X1, that had robot woodpeckers pick out robot caterpillars out of robot trees to attack our robot protagonist...
  • Layer is so obviously in love with Zero but the entire thing just flies over his head at Mach 1. He's so clueless it's almost adorable.
  • The 4Koma strips, while non-canon, are nothing but a string of hilarity. Highlights include X's Cloudcuckoolander moments and Alia being a mildly abusive Team Mom.
    • Other highlights include:
      Axl: But the real reason I left was my copy ability.
      Zero: [stares]
      Axl: Uh, just promise me you won't ask me to change into Alia or anything...
      Zero: [rapidly turns away] Like I'd do that.
    • And then they made a fanart showing Axl doing exactly that.
    • It is worth noting that roughly 75% of these consist of Take Thats towards X7.
  • Hitting bosses with certain attacks in X1-4 causes some funny things to happen.
    • Like hitting Split Mushroom with the Lighting Web or Zero's Raijingeki.
    • Hit Flame Mammoth with the Boomerang Cutter enough times and you'll chop off his trunk, not only disabling one of his attacks but making him look silly as well.
  • The boss Mavericks being named after members of Guns N' Roses in the US version of Mega Man X5.
  • Mega Man X4: X goes in to fight Split Mushroom, who says he's under orders to destroy him. When X demands to know whose orders it is, Mushroom replies "Take a wild guess."
  • Getting the Shoryuken in Mega Man X2.
    Dr. Light: "Wow! You're so cool! I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!"
  • In X8, when Vile shows up for the first time since X3, X and Zero immediately ready their weapons, while Axl gives them an utterly confused look as if begging for an Infodump.
  • Running into a searchlight in Dark Mantis' stage in X8 will lock you in a room with guard Reploids, who spawn endlessly. Kill their leader, however, and any Reploids left alive will charge off the platform to get away from you.
    • In the same stage, Axl can trick a sleeping guard Reploid into opening the way to an electrical generator. After that, the Reploid will go right back to sleep no matter what you do, up to and including setting him on fire.
  • Flame Hyenard's "BURN! BURN! BURN TO THE GROUND!" may be incredibly irritating, but it is also pretty hilarious.