Funny / Meet The Fatheads

  • The two pigs at the beginning of the opening theme.
    Pig 1: You know, Rob, this is kind of funny.
    Pig 2: Whaddya' mean?
    Pig 1: Well, the two of us on a blanket eating sandwiches.
    Pig 2: What's funny about that?
    Pig 1: Because we're pigs! We can't talk! That's what makes it seem very humorous, are you with me?
    Pig 2: What are you? A FATHEAD?!
  • Rollo's introduction episode. That is all.
    • "That's IT! The bake sale is off!"
  • The constant one-man Laugh Track.
  • The shouting match between the Fatheads demanding the other to lower their voice, getting louder with each line until Mr. Fathead ends up shoving his head inside Mrs. Fathead's mouth and screaming.
  • Mrs. Fathead demands her husband's attention:
    Mrs. Fathead: I am talking to you, listen to me!
    Mr. Fathead: Nope, I'm not listening.
    Mrs. Fathead: I am talking to you hello listen to me!
    Mr. Fathead: Nope, I'm not doing it.
    Mrs. Fathead: HELLO LISTEN TO ME!
    Mr. Fathead: Nope, not any part of it.
    (Mrs. Fathead rips off her husband's face, revealing a phone inside his head, which she then grabs hold of)
    Mrs. Fathead: HELLO HELLO HELLOOOO!!!!!!
    (Mr. Fathead's eyes attached to the end of his ripped off face glare at his wife)