Funny / MediEvil

  • Roughly 90% of the first game is this, but it's easily topped off by Zarok's first two attempts to go One-Winged Angel:
    *POOF!* Awwwk-bok-bok-bok-bok!...No, that's not right...
    *POOF!* *sheep bleats* Ohh! ...Oh, not right now!
  • The cutscene after escaping Peregrine's Castle. Dan's scream is priceless.
  • Zarok's book includes powerful magical tomes, how to look good in your 400s, and card tricks!
  • Also, Zarok's reaction after Dan manages to defeat his champion: "...Bugger."
  • Lots of stuff said by the characters in the Hall Of Heroes too.
    Woden The Mighty: Fortesque, you jawless arrow-magnet! What are you doing back here?!
  • The Dragon's pre-fight Boss Banter, where he threatens to burn the flesh from your bones...only to realize that Dan's already a skeleton. Then he threatens to pluck out both his eyes...only to realize he's only got one. Finally, he just settles on saying he's going to beat the crap out of him.
  • Bloodmonath Skull Cleaver, one of the more Ax-Crazy residents of the Hall of Heroes. According to a book in the Sleeping Village library, he died after trying to take on an entire fortress single-handedly. His weapon? The spike on his helmet.