Funny / McAuslan

  • In one story, there's a long paragraph on the subject of "Johnnie Cope", which ends with this line.
    But whatever it does, for the Jocks or to the enemy, at the proper time and occasion, its effect at 6 a.m. on a refined and highly-strung subaltern who is dreaming of Rita Hayworth is devastating.
  • In the same story, the author gets a bit of his own back on the Pipe-Sergeant by saying that the pipers played Johnnie Cope well enough, but on the other hand, he himself has heard it played by Foden's Motor Works Brass Band. The pipey is about to burst at the unfavourable comparison to a brass band when he realizes he has just been expertly trolled, and he not only vows to try that one on the Pipe-Major when he gets the chance but swears eternal friendship — not explicitly, but by inviting him to come and drink in the Sergeants' Mess, hallowed territory off-limits to all uninvited personnel regardless of rank.