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Funny: Master Of The Wind
  • Finley's dream in arc IV, in which he effortlessly takes down every single villain seen so far in turn, Bones admits he respects him, and Laurel falls head over heels in love with him. All with hilariously unrealistic dialogue.
  • The first scene with Gabriella Robin, who goes full-on ham in how she'll destroy Stoic. Instead of worrying about being on his own fighting a Light Mage, he all but deadpans of fighting another Robin when he's had experience fighting them for almost a thousand years. He even notes how the first Robin he ever faced turned out; he tried to capture him with a lasso suspending him on a tree and ran for cover the moment he cut himself free. Stoic's flashback highlights that Dobsen Robin told him that all skeletons must be purged, and Stoic calmly rebuttals "Care to repeat those comments?" before he runs off.
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