Funny: Master Chef

  • In US Season 4: When the final six cooks are left, three are invited back to try and win an apron. One of them is Bime, and since no one liked him, no one is clapping when he returns... except Luca.
    James: Stop clapping.
    Luca: I like Bime!
  • One challenge in season 4 began with the chefs having to catch a live bird in the pantry, which had been assigned to each of them by the previous challenge's winner. Luca was assigned a turkey. Turkeys are not found in his home country of Italy.
    Luca: What is that, a peacock?
    • Luca trying to catch the turkey and getting intimidated by it instead.
    • Jordan couldn't even find his quail. Meanwhile, Bri's sitting over there cooing to her pigeon...
    Bri: You should like me. I'm a vegetarian.
    • During a cutaway, before it's revealed that the cooks have been given pre-prepared cutlets of their birds to use, bearded Texan manly-man James remarks thusly:
    James: I don't want to have to strangle a duck on national TV. That seems more of a thing you do in private behind closed doors.
  • A bunch in the first episode of Masterchef Junior alone...
    • Gordon trying out Dara's headband and being a Shipper on Deck for two of the kids.
    • This conversation when Sarah's working on her dish.
    Gordon: Who makes the best chefs, girls or guys?
    Sarah: Girls.
    Gordon: Why?
    Sarah: Even in the olden days they were cooking and men were just sitting there watching TV. No offense to you.
    Gordon: No offense to me? Oh, am I from the olden days?
    Sarah: Yes, Chef.
  • The third episode of Masterchef Junior has three of the children (the top 3 performers of the previous challenge) face off on a whipped cream challenge. The results would be tested by having the kids hold the bowls upside down over the heads of the three judges. Needless to say, some messy fun ensued, including Gordon accidentally swearing after being covered in cream and quickly trying to save face by saying he meant "sugar", and Alexander - the only one of the three whose whipped cream stayed in the bowl - planting the upturned bowl of cream onto Graham's head anyhow.
    • During the challenge, Sarah screams at Gavin things like "Whip it! Whip like a man!" and "I don't want to see that arm stop moving!", like one seriously hardcore coach.
    Dara: "It was really funny, cause Sarah, next to me, she was like, "come on, come on"! And I was, like, this is a different side of Sarah."
    • This happens once more in season 2, only with having to cook pancakes and stack them as high as possible, with the losing judges having maple syrup poured over their heads. Highlights include Abby being as intense in her screaming as Sarah from the first season (with Logan, standing beside her, inching away with a scared look on his face), Gordon's utterly mortified face upon realizing that he'd be the first to be drenched, and Joe being drenched anyway by Sean after he thought he was safe.
  • Masterchef Junior episode 4: The image of Graham and Joe skipping into the pantry behind the much smaller Sarah.
  • In Season 3 of the US version, blind chef Christine is often left utterly confused at her fellow contestants' reactions whenever the contents of a mystery box are revealed.
    Monti: "Shut your mouth... [Paula Deen is revealed to be underneath the giant mystery box] SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!"
    Christine: "What?"
    Becky: "It's Paula Deen."
    Christine: "SHUT UP!"
    • In the episode which Christine made a Crab Creviche (which is also her MoA), Gordon asked if she was really blind (as the dish looked as good as it tasted) by asking what his eye color is. Christine told him that she had been asking others to describe the judges to her. Graham immediately declares that he is tall and thin and Joe is short and fat.
  • Masterchef Junior episode 6...
    Gordon: [to Alexander] You cook like a chef, you sound like a chef, you look like Julia Child's lost grandson...
  • Even the Masterchef Junior finale wasn't completely serious.
    Gordon: Remind me again, what year were you born in?
    Alexander: 2000.
    Gordon: Dara?
    Dara: 2001.
    Gordon: 2001. So thanks for making me feel like an old fart.
    • The extra kicker to this? It aired on Gordon's birthday.
    • Minutes later, Joe tells Alexander who Johnny Cannoli is, since he called his dessert a Cannoli Napoleon.
  • In Season 2 of the US version, there's Dustin's audition. Gordon's enthusiasm over the sausage roll, especially with the care Dustin puts into it, culminates in him cleaning the plate before Josh and Graham can even taste it.
  • In the first team challenge of the Spain version of Masterchef Junior, during the cooking process, the judge who is in charge of the blue team sends Noa (the youngest female contestant) to spy on the red team, by having her move over inside a big box with two holes cut out for her to see. Upon noticing, the judge aiding the red team picks out Aimar (the youngest male contestant) to stand near the box and talk about how their red team is "doing terribly", which Noa believes and lets her judge-in-charge know, making him (and herself) practically squee in delight. Cue the judge-in-charge for the red team sending out Aimar, having changed his red apron for a blue one, into the blue kitchen to sabotage them by changing the temperature in the ovens, only for several members of the blue team to grab on to Aimar, literally drag him out of their kitchen and back into his.
  • In a UK episode of the 2014 season, judge Greg demonstrates the disappointing thickness of a contestant's rice pudding by holding the bowl upside down over his head, and watching it stick.
  • U.S. season 5, episode 5: While Francis B., Jordan, and Leslie are competing in the pressure test, two of the women are giving tips to Francis B. because they don't want to see him go home. Cue Francis L. swiftly walking (borderline materializing out of thin air) in between them, calmly admonishing them:
  • U.S. season 5, episode 7: Cutter and Dan end up in a pressure test after failing to work together to produce a good surf-and-turf dish, and Cutter fails to create a proper plate of spring rolls. Joe did not let up on him:
    Joe: If you go home tonight, will you send Dan a postcard from Texas?
    Cutter: No chef...some people just don't work very well together.
    • Same episode. Ahran and Leslie are working together, and Leslie is still referring to Ahran as "Iran".
      Ramsay: For God's sake - you're still getting her name wrong, and it pisses her off every time you do it! Repeat after me. "AH!"
      Leslie: AH!
      Ramsay: Ran!
      Leslie: Ran!
      • He makes him repeat it twice, and it seems to have stuck (thank God).
    • Another funny moment was watching Courtney constantly swishing her hair in annoyance and pursing her lips as she watched her plans to get rid of Christian fall apart.
      • Amusingly, Ramsay commented on her heels (which have been a point of contention for fans) while sending her up to the balcony, saying "Don't get those heels stuck in the stairs on the way up, yeah?"
  • Season 3, during a challenge involving different types of fish: Gordon chews out Tali for producing an inferior dish with arctic char, after he described the dish in the same way a painter would describe a painting:
    Gordon: "It's called Masterchef, not Master-bate!"
    • Josh's stifled chuckles at Gordon's remarks are also worthy of laughs.
  • Season 5, episode 8: For the pressure test, Willie has been given a choice to either save himself (and sacrifice the whole Blue team), or save three members of his team (and sacrifice himself). Ahran says that she's sure that Willie will choose to save three people, because that's the "good guy" thing to do. The show promptly cuts to Courtney, who says "Well, of course I'd save myself over my team!"
    • Later that episode, during the red velvet cake pressure test, Dan is struggling, and Jaimee (who is a baker's assistant) gives a play-by-play from the balcony:
    Jaimee: "Use a spatula!"
  • In episode 9's elimination test, the contestants are working with ingredients selected by Joe, wine being among those ingredients. Leslie is shown taking several swigs of wine while preparing his dish, and it doesn't go unnoticed:
    Joe: "Hey Leslie, try not to get tanked."
    Leslie: "I'm 56, that's all I do!"
  • Season 5, episode 10: Francis L. showing up in a black studded blazer, purple top and purple kilt.
    • In the very first episode, he exclaims "Holy buggering bollocks!" at the beginning of the pressure test.
    • Also in episode 10, during the pressure test evaluation. Cutter, after under-performing for several episodes, delivers some chocolate truffles that Graham and Joe give big praise to in both taste and presentation. Then comes Gordon, with a serious face, tells him he disagrees with his fellow judges and that the truffles look clumsy and everybody looks solemn... then seconds later Gordon smiles big, says he's kidding, and everyone bursts laughing.
    Gordon: "Personally, I think Joe and Graham are full of crap. I mean, they look like you. Clumsy."
    Cutter: "Yes sir."
    Gordon: *beat* "Just kidding, Cutter, they look great!"
    Cutter: *chuckles in relief* "Damn it!"
    Courtney: "That was so mean!"
    Cutter: *still chuckling* "You want me to die right here?"
  • U.S. season 5, episode 14: Courtney ended up in the top three again for the Mystery Box challenge. Elizabeth wasn't happy:
    Elizabeth: "If Courtney wins another Mystery Box challenge, I am going to stab kittens."
    • Sure enough, Courtney won.
  • U.S. season 5, episode 16: Elizabeth won the Mystery Box challenge, and was given the chance to assign the other four contestants one of four rare proteins: ox heart, veal brain, lamb tongue, and finally, two identical pink, veiny, oval shaped proteins from a buffalo. Ramsay asked Elizabeth if she knew what they were:
    Elizabeth: (in the most blunt, deadpan, matter-of-fact tone possible) "Those are balls, Chef."
  • A US Season 6 elimination challenge involves making chicken & waffles, and Tommy (who has Creole roots) couldn't be happier with their assignment during one of the cutaways:
    Tommy: "I love chicken and waffles more than the church loves sin."
  • Definitely YMMV, but Elizabeth posting "Remember that time the stripper won?" on her Facebook page after the finale aired is quite amusing. She did congratulate Leslie and Courtney via Twitter, though.
  • This, in reference to Joe's infamous "I can taste it with my brain" remark to Courtney.
  • Similarly to season 4's poultry challenge, the challenge in the second half of Junior's second season premiere involved live birds. When Gordon showed that one of the choices Natalie could pick was turkey (and having a bit of a hard time handling it), Luca tweeted that he knew it wasn't a peacock this time.
  • In the third season premier of Junior Edition, Gordon's response to one dish is "OMFG!" The kids gasp, and he clarifies that the F stands for "Food". The girl who's dish he's praising points out that he has a reputation.
  • The Australia Season 7 Master Class has Gary teaching the contestants how to make cheese soufflé. The contestants prank him by treating his work as though he was participating in a challenge, with Matthew announcing the "Your time starts now!" cue, and, as Gary was doing his finishing touches, everyone did the 10 second countdown, and ordered him to step away from the bench once the time "runs out".
    Gary: Are you serious?
    • He then picked Jessica and Reynold to try the souffle. The other contestants, who also wanted to try the dish, attempted to steal a bite as they were leaving Gary's station to go to Marco's. Gary has to kick them away.
  • U.S. Season 6 has so far seen some truly surreal moments from the spacey, but formidable urban gardener Stephen:
    • During a challenge where contestants are separated into producing a savory or a sweet corn dish, it falls upon previous challenge winner Jesse to choose who gets to produce what in the form of marked baskets. When it's Stephen's turn for a basket...
    Stephen: (utterly deadpan) Listen, you’re going to give me the basket that I want or you will become my mission in life.
    • Later during the same event, Stephen appears to be correcting Gordon on how he's supposed to taste the challenge-winning corn tamales he produced, while Gordon looks about ready to smack him upside the head.
    • When Stephen wins a mystery box challenge, he's told one of his advantages is to halve someone's cooking time. Cut to confessional where he brings up a cardboard hit list where he's ranked his competition, and intricately goes over the rankings that put Derrick up top.
    • Also, this gem.
    Stephen: The closest I’ve gotten to flambé is burning my house down in 1997.
    • In later episodes, Gordon appears to have embraced Stephen's intensity, regularly getting into playful shouting contests with him, complete with fists pounded on the table.
  • In the season 6 episode "Rice, Rice, Baby", Tommy wins his first mystery box challenge with an andouille sausage jambalaya, and during the critique by the judges, Gordon accidentally gets a little too loose with his language:
    Gordon: Tonight I think you brought it. It tastes authentic, it looks good. Focus on the food, because when you cook like this, you're a dream.
    Tommy: Thank you, chef.
    Gordon: And I want Tommy the dream, I want to wake up *with* you.
    The other contestants look at Gordon confused, until he realizes what he just said.
    The other contestants and judges laugh at Gordon.
    Graham: It finally comes out!
    • Tommy's additional snark from his cutaway also sells it.
    Tommy: Gordon Ramsay loves my dish so much, he wants to wake up with me. Gordon Ramsay! You are such a bad boy!