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Funny: Mass Effect The Equestrian Equation

The Equestrian Equation:

Shades of Twilight:

  • 42 asking Twilight if she is familiar with the concept of karma, before punishing the Turian Councilor's antagonism by rigging C-Sec's criminal database to consider his shuttle as having thousands of unpaid parking tickets.
  • Pinkie Pie discovers coffee. That is all that needs to be said.
  • Twilight gets her first call from Pinkie on the omni-hoof, and immediately discovers that Pinkie left it on maximum volume after the initial testing.
    Twilight: Pinkie… I can’t hear a word you are saying. Give me a minute to recover my eardrums. I think they flew somewhere over by the kitchen.
  • The "New Equestrian Crusaders" (comprised of the former CMC and Silver Spoon) painting cutie marks on a distressed changeling drone.
    • And then Twilight Sparkle lets them paint a cutie mark on 42!
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