Funny / MapleStory

  • Mir has become quite The Gadfly by the time of the Heroes of Maple campaign as seen in Act 1.
    Evan: [teeth chattering] I-I c-can't feel my hands and feet!
    Mir: [with a smile on his face] Want me to breath fire, Master? It'll warm you right up!
    Evan: N-No thanks! Are you trying to turn me into barbecue?!
    Mir: Just kidding! Even if I wasn't, there wouldn't be anything to eat since you're so small!
    Evan: [crying comically with a sigh] That's kind of harsh, don't you think? I didn't raise you this way...
    • Then he keeps bringing this up throughout the entire Act! He also repeats it with Puske.
      Puske: [after Evan saves him from berserk monsters] Thank you, Mr. Hero! Huh? Is that a lizard next to you? Looks weird.
      Mir: [grimaces in irritation]
      Puske: Let's see... where's my glasses. Oh, here they are! [puts them on] Hieek! It's a dragon!
      Mir: [playful smile] Master, I wonder what penguin tastes like...
      Puske: Please don't kill me.
    • From Act 2, Evan, Mir, Mercedes, Phantom and Luminous have escaped from a death trap involving a room flooding with sand and gold and have reached the final door. However, the door won't open and the nearby inscription reads "you can't take what's yours." Luminous understandably starts pointing fingers at Phantom, who denies the accusations. It turns out Evan had some of the gold in his pockets, which he empties out. Then the door still doesn't open, and Mir is forced to literally cough up the much larger pile of gold that he took.
      Mercedes: …I take back what I said. You’re still long ways off from Freud and Afrien.
  • Jay's Otaku tendencies are not dissimilar from real life geeks. His nature as a clean freak is completely and utterly exploited by Kinesis for his own amusement.
    Kinesis: Come here Nero! Get closer!
    Jay: [turning white as Nero approaches his electronics] KINESIS!