Funny / MapleStory

  • Mir has become quite The Gadfly by the time of the Heroes of Maple campaign as seen in Act 1.
    Evan: [teeth chattering] I-I c-can't feel my hands and feet!
    Mir: [with a smile on his face] Want me to breath fire, Master? It'll warm you right up!
    Evan: N-No thanks! Are you trying to turn me into barbecue?!
    Mir: Just kidding! Even if I wasn't, there wouldn't be anything to eat since you're so small!
    Evan: [crying comically with a sigh] That's kind of harsh, don't you think? I didn't raise you this way...
    • Then he keeps bringing this up throughout the entire Act! He also repeats it with Puske.
      Puske: [after Evan saves him from berserk monsters] Thank you, Mr. Hero! Huh? Is that a lizard next to you? Looks weird.
      Mir: [grimaces in irritation]
      Puske: Let's see... where's my glasses. Oh, here they are! [puts them on] Hieek! It's a dragon!
      Mir: [playful smile] Master, I wonder what penguin tastes like...
      Puske: Please don't kill me.
  • Jay's Otaku tendencies are not dissimilar from real life geeks. His nature as a clean freak is completely and utterly exploited by Kinesis for his own amusement.
    Kinesis: Come here Nero! Get closer!
    Jay: [turning white as Nero approaches his electronics] KINESIS!