Funny / Magical Legend of the Leprechauns

  • "Has the Queen seen what you've done to the floor?" "Not yet, Sire" "Well make sure I'm there when she does."
  • Bickering:
    Mary: "You're soaking wet, I'll get you a towel."
    Seamus: "What about me?"
    Mary: You can get pneumonia!
  • More bickering:
    Seamus: "Jack! Tell him to listen to his father!"
    Jack: "Why? I never did."
    Seamus: Neither did I, that's not the point!
  • This:
    Chamberlin: "We came under a white flag of peace."
    Jentee: Someone should have told you, I'm colourblind."
  • Seamus, about Jack playing golf—"That's a mighty energetic way of doing the weeding Jack."
  • Aaaand even more bickering:
    Mary "Don't speak to your father like that!"
    Mickey: "You do."
    Mary: "It's expected, I'm his wife! And don't speak to me like that!"
    Mickey: "Well who am I expected to speak to like that then?"