* Fate's reaction when she first sees Vivio's adult form - apparently Nanoha forgot to tell her about it.
* Lutecia's first scene when she goes LargeHam about all the modifications she made to her house for everyone's visit (complete with maniacal laughter and MilkingTheGiantCow while standing on the roof). Especially funny due to just [[EmotionlessGirl how different]] she was acting [[AudioPlay/StrikersSoundStageX not one year earlier]].
* Wendi complains that Nove and Subaru get to have fun with everyone at the training camp and that she want's to go too.
-->'''Nove:''' It's not like I'm going to play around. Subaru will be doing supplemental training and I'm the kids' chaperone.\\
'''Dieci:''' So you say... Is that why you ordered this water fun playset? Or were we not supposed to know about this?\\
'''Nove:''' ''[Grabbing the box]'' Y-you can't just open other people's mail!\\
'''Dieci:''' I didn't. The contents are written right there with the address.
* Einhart meeting Nanoha for the first time, with Nanoha being... well... [[BloodKnight Nanoha]].
* Einhart says she knew Vivio's moms were nice and caring but is surprised to hear they help out with combat training too. Nove fails to suppress her laughter.
* Sein groping all the girls during the HotSpringsEpisode. No one has any idea whats going on (due to her ability to swim through the ground) until she gets to Rio, who's Device activates and unleashes her most powerful attack. No one shows any sympathy for her afterwards.
* Right before her fight against Micaiah, Miura recieves a video from Team Nakajima in cheer leading outfits wishing her good luck. Vivio, Corona and Rio are totally into it. Einhart... isn't.
* In Chapter 52, after the battle against [[spoiler:Fabia concluded,]] she apologizes to the group, and is forgiven. All's well that ends well. Then Sieglinde remembered an important detail...
-->'''Sieglinde:''' "Looks like everyone forgives you... So let's talk some more when we get back. ...Wait. B-Before that, [[spoiler:change my body back to normal!"]]
-->'''Vivio, Einhart, Hayate, and [[spoiler:Fabia:''']] "Ah."
* Ch. 69 They're all little kids. There's no ways they could be monsters like Rio. Yen and Xue obliviously didn't watch the inter-middle tournament.