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Funny: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
  • In one of the final scenes, Chrono is all business as he discusses what will happen to Fate now that everything is over... while Amy ties his head bandage into a bow and quietly Squees over how cute it is, apparently without him noticing. Then as the scene ends we hear "Amy, please redo it..." followed by her grumbling.
  • In the third Sound Stage, Nanoha shoots off some fireworks for Fate to celebrate the anniversary of her making a contract with Arf. Then it dawns on Yuuno that he never put up a barrier to prevent the magical use from being seen by outsiders, much to Nanoha's shock, and the two flee the scene in order to avoid being spotted.
  • Nanoha's reaction to finding out that Yuuno is actually a boy, rather than a talking ferret. Made funnier when you think of all the times she undressed in front of him.
  • While we're on the subject, Yuuno's reaction to Nanoha changing clothes in front of him.
  • When Lindy allows Nanoha and Yuuno to help them, Chrono is shocked about her decision and almost calls her "Mom", then he quickly changes to "Commander".

The Movie 1st
  • Another one from Chrono. After watching Nanoha and Fate seal seven Jewel Seeds at once - a feat that takes an incredible amount of power - his face is shocked, as though he's in awe... but then he says: "That was the sloppiest work I've ever seen!"

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