Funny / Mafia II

  • Second half of Chapter 7.
    • Also, Chapter 9, after being covered in sewage waste. Watch as your foe reacts in revulsion as you approach him; plus points go to players who decide not to change Vito's soiled clothes before returning to their boss.
      • Vito will get complaints about his smell, regardless of when he changes.
      • "Argh...if Luca just stopped by to pick up some steaks, I'm gonna kill somebody."
      • "What is this, Captain Shitbag to the rescue?!"
  • Joe and Eddie drunkenly singing along to Dean Martin's "Return to Me".
    • "Oh shit...I don't know the fuckin' Italian...words!"
  • Radio news about "new" and "future" things, like credit cards, mobile phones or takeaway food.
    • And the exchange about the idea for video games between two guards in the first stealth mission.
    • To say nothing about hypocritical humor when it comes to effects smoking has on health and Richard Nixon being described as "trustworthy".
  • The gameplay stats keep track of how long you've stared at the Playboys as "Time spent on Playboy articles."
  • It's fully possible to kill the gun shop owner as he tries to threaten you with a Badass Boast.
    "Don't be a dumba-BANG"
  • Joe's brilliant idea for disguises: mustaches. Even funnier is just before they get to the disguises, Vito is genuinely surprised by Joe's intelligence.
  • "You drive like my fucking grandmother, you know that?"