Funny: Mad Max

Mad Max

  • An MFP car driven by Roop and Charlie smashes into a van, sending it spinning off the road.
    Charlie: You're really gonna get it this time; he had his indicator on!
  • Charlie again: "You're blaspheming. I don't have to work with a blasphemer."
  • Right before going after Goose, Johnny tries to run the lighter flame along his forearm, but instead of looking cool, he immediately flinches in pain.
  • Toecutter's intentionally hilariously over the top reaction to having a shotgun pulled on him.

Mad Max 2

  • Max drives a truck through a raider encampment, and destroys a tent with two raiders screwing inside. The look on the chick's face is priceless.
  • "Empty, all this time! That's dishonest! Low."
  • "It's my snake; I trained it, and I'm going to eat it!"
  • The refinery settlers handcuff Max while they listen to Lord Humongous's offer (having confiscated his car and being likely to kill him afterward). While they argue about whether or not to capitulate, Max casually picks the lock on his cuffs and sits on the catwalk with a vaguely annoyed demeanor.