Funny / MacGyver

  • This one line between MacGyver and the episodes' damsel from the pilot episode stands out as the joke that works as the perfect Establishing Series Moment for this particular show.
    Barbara Spencer: Blow an opening. With what? Don't tell me you know how to make a bomb out of a stick of chewing gum?
    MacGyver: Why, you got some?
  • The coach in "Legend of the Holy Rose". He turns Large Ham Up to Eleven: "Your department won't only be broke, it'll be ANNIHILATED!!!!"
  • MacGyver and his guard in "Last Stand", mainly when the guard asks him about the item he's using to make his latest contraption work.
    MacGyver: Lateral... cranial... impact... enhancer. (he then smacks the guard across the head with said item)
  • In one episode, MacGyver and another man are saved from being processed on a conveyor belt by being shunted... into a container of fish. The man's response?
  • In a flashback episode, Mac had to break the news to Jack that his beloved cab had been blown to kingdom come:
    Jack: MacGyver, you're my buddy. Level with me. You got a scratch on it.
    MacGyver: Well, it's a little more than a scratch...
    Jack: A dent. Tell me it's a dent. I can live with a dent.
    MacGyver: It's not a dent. (sighs) Mr. Thornton and I were chasing this woman, who turned out to be an assassin, when the cab got blown up by a bazooka—
    Jack: Waitaminute, waitaminute. Back that up.
    MacGyver: Mr. Thornton and I —
    Jack: No not that far back. Someone blew up my cab?
    MacGyver: There were these two guys with bazookas —
    Jack: Bazookas? You can explain bazookas?
    MacGyver nods sheepishly
    Jack: (lunging out of his hospital bed) YOU CANNOT EXPLAIN BAZOOKAS!!!!