Funny / MGLN Crisis

MGLN Crisis

  • Arisa and Suzuka in their magical mecha.
    Suzuka: We've, uh, kinda taken the golem for a test drive
    Arisa: (gleefully) And it's handling great!
  • Hayate's momentary reflection on fashion...
    Hayate: Plus, being from Earth, I can't help but share Arisa's enthusiasm for mecha. Maybe I should redesign your armor, Signum...
  • Momoko's reaction when Nanoha announces that she has a boyfriend, a girlfriend, and a daughter!

Red Jewel Diaries

  • Chapter 1 is about a shape shifting android walking around and kissing people to figure out what love is. Hilarity Ensues. Highlights include:
    • Yuuno having Alicia run simulations to figure out his chances of survival when Nanoha finds out that "Vivio" kissed him. Every one ends in Starlight Breaker.
    • After Subaru is kissed by "Teana" and the real one comes back:
    Seargent Bennings: There are two individuals below, engaged in something like a wrestling match.
    Lt. Tuttle: Um, Sergeant, are you sure that's wrestling?
  • Arisa heckling Nove during the Mages vs Cyborgs baseball game.
    Nove (thinking): What the hell does a broken ladder have to do with this!?
  • The final chapter is the wedding of Nanoha, Yuuno and Fate and hilarity ensues as everyone attempts to get ready.
    Fate: "If I took both your names, would that make me Fate Testarossa Harlaown Scrya Takamachi? Or perhaps Fate Testarossa Harlaown Takamachi Scrya? Fate Scrya Takamachi? Fate Takamachi Scrya? Hmm, I need to think about this..."
    • Note that they spend the entire time from proposal to wedding in a daze trying to figure out the proper name order.
    • The hilarity that is the Nanoha and Fate Togetherness Alliance (formerly the Nanoha Worshipers and the Fate Fanatic Fanclub), a group of obsessed kids who hang out in a torch-lit basement wearing hooded robes try to mess with the wedding by placing a curse on the groom. Instead they end up making Vice uncontrollably grope every woman he sees (except Alto) and force Yuuno to speak in rhyme for 72 hours.
    • Belkan wedding ceremonies apparently involve tomato paste, foot-long celery stalks, and dumping water and glitter on the couple.
    • An evangelical member of the Saint Church tries to get Lutecia to turn to religion.
    Lutecia: (To her mother) I think someone was trying to set me up with Vivio.

Through the Mirror, Darkly

  • Raising Heart has a "Pregnancy Mode" which Nanoha uses to threaten Yuuno when he refuses to buy her ice cream.
    Alicia: Odds of survival have decreased to 18.6%! Recommend immediate action!