Funny / Luke Mochrie And The Inners

  • The Burlesque mini-review.
    Ringo: It was good!
    Phillip: It was shit.
    Ringo: Are you serious?
    Phillip: What did you like?
    Ringo: The acting. What didn't you like?
    Phillip: Everything else.
    Ringo: Oh, you bitch.
    Kinley: OK, shut up! Conclusion time...
  • Phillip talking about the dialogue in Season of the Witch. "I'd rather have my ears fucked by toothpaste, with pitchforks, on fire."
  • Phillip learns who directed No Strings Attached.
    Phillip: But what can you expect from the director of...
    Ringo: Ghostbusters?
    Phillip: Exactly... What?
  • Ringo's breakdown in Skyline.
    • And this bit from earlier:
    Ringo: "What's wrong with you, you Mr. Sour Pants, always going to the movies wearing his sour pants, and just being... sour... pants."
  • This little snipe from Phillip:
    Ringo: How are you so consistently frustrating?
    Phillip: It's a gift. Merry Christmas.
  • Poor Wretch.
    Ringo: Wretch, we're actually going to share you this week.
    Wretch: You're not - propositioning me or anything, are you?
    Ringo: No! No, we're just both going to use you for our own gain.
    Wretch: Not making me feel much better about this.
    Ringo: Our minds are - metaphorically - going to have sexual intercourse. A three-way of the mind, if that makes it easier.
    Wretch: ...Let's just do this.
  • Donny. Just... Donny. He's just so... emphatic.