Funny / Loki

  • In one of my very first appearances, I attempted to escape from Thor by summoning a flock of pigeons.
    • I have also attempted to evade Thor by turning myself into a pigeon. This attempt... did not go well.
  • In another early appearance, I enacted an impenetrable barrier around Thor's hammer. In his Donald Blake disguise, he tricked me into dropping my guard with a cardboard cutout of Thor.
  • I gave the mercenary Deadpool his gift of Breaking the Fourth Wall by doing it myself. I also convinced him he was my son, to get back at Thor. When Deadpool failed to defeat my brother, I cursed Deadpool with the face of Tom Cruise and made him completely indestructible until he apologized.
  • As of my new series, Loki: Agent of Asgard, I have confessed that I may have certain habits in common with some users of this site: see here.
  • Also, later on in said series, as part of a complicated series of events I (or rather, a version of me) required monies. But being so far from "civilisation" funds were hard to come by. How did I acquire the necessary funds? I shot a fish with a bazooka.
  • There was an incident in which I found myself about to enter combat with a puny creature. It did not end well.