Funny / LoadingReadyRun

  • The whole of "Wyy". A good example from the groups early days.
  • Before the days when they had regular stingers at the end of their videos, Offensisensitivity managed to deliver a real gem:
    Kathleen (Offended Woman): I bet this is all a ruse to get into my house, and ravish me in kinky and sexual ways!
    Graham (Salesman): What?! No!
    Kathleen (Offended Woman): Do you want to??
    Graham (Salesman): YEAH!!
  • As one of the rewards for supporting their Season 11 Kickstarter, every member of the LoadingReadyRun crew agreed to have tennis balls shot at them. When it's Cam's turn to have tennis balls shot at him, he sits down and starts playing Wonderwall
  • After getting fed up with people repeatedly asking them if they were still making Friday Nights video they registered the domain The page just says Yes.