Funny / Liz Gillies

  • Outside of her killer vocals and her amazing appearances, one of the things she is commented on the most are how big her boobs are. On her b-day, she found this trending on Twitter with the caption, "Well. There's that".
  • There's this with her fellow Victorious co-star Avan.
  • She did this to Matt Bennett, Robbie from Victorious.
  • Almost any of her appearances on Ariana's video chats is bound for these.
    • That prank call to Avan Jogia, with Ariana Corpsing the whole time and Liz suddenly going "STOP LAUGHING!!" at her. It's like Jade's back in the house.
  • She did this to her brother while he was driving.
  • Almost anything she posts on her social accounts is bound for one of these.
    • She posted some photos of her in very suggestive dresses, and used the captions to make a Black Widow plot arround them. [1]
  • Lucky bastard!